Translation Services

Translation is the art of taking some form of written communication in one language and converting it into another written language in a way that makes the information understandable by people from other language backgrounds.

Do you have a document that you need to translate from English into Spanish or French, or vice-versa?  Are you expanding to a new market and need some local flare in your content?  Or have you recently immigrated to the United States and need your professional and educational credentials localized?

Then look no further, The Language School has your translation needs covered!

The Language School offers professional and certified translation services that help you connect with speakers of English, Spanish, or French by our team of language experts. We are an experienced Translation Services Company with capabilities to tailor Spanish – French – English translations with a focus on every client’s specific requirements.

We believe that quality always comes first. Since our priority is 100% customer satisfaction, we go above and beyond to make sure you can confidently entrust us with the translation of your documents. 

Common projects for our translation services include school transcripts, diplomas, legal documents, film scripts, books, real estate listings, business contracts, marketing communication, website content and more. Our team of professional translators include native speakers of English, French, and Spanish, who work together on projects to ensure the message is understandable in each language.  We offer high-quality, certified translation services at affordable rates.

We only produce high-quality translations for projects in short turnaround times.  Using the most qualified translators, we specialize in providing high-quality translations. We translate, proofread, and deliver your documents before your deadline for you to review and approve. We have certified translators for English, French, and Spanish.

Industry Expertise

Our team of Expert Translators are prolific and can handle projects from industries such as:

  • Legal and Law
  • Life Sciences
  • Finance
  • Technical & Manufacturing
  • Publishing & Media Translation Services
  • IT & Software
  • Retail
  • Game Localization
  • Government
  • Hospitality
  • Energy
  • Automotive

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