How to Integrate Spanish Speakers into American Communities

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The United States is going through a huge demographic change and Spanish speakers are moving here in massive numbers.

This email series is packed full of information that will ensure a smooth transition into American customs.

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What People Are Saying

Mónica Gónzalez

ESL Instructor, Northglen CO

"Thank you so much for the email. I was so pleased to know that I was not wrong about the fact that our Spanish speakers need that extra help."

Staci Lapis

ELD Teacher, Denver CO

"Wonderful job providing background information about why immigrants are flocking to the U.S."

What You'll Learn

Huge numbers of Spanish speakers are moving to the United States. We need to enable them to better integrate into the American way of life, which will ultimately reduce costs, fears, inequality gaps, and segregation that comes from a bilingual Spanish/English speaking population


Cultural and demographic information about your Spanish speaking ESL students


How to create additional events and services that will build community


Real stories of what other language schools around the country are doing to solve this issue


David Stevens

My name is David Stevens, and I have been teaching and learning new languages since 2001. My life mission is dedicated to helping people unlock their full potential through education, communication, and spiritual growth, which will have a positive impact on our world and strengthen our local communities.