The Language School has been rated as Denver’s top school to learn a new language. Since 2007 we have helped thousands of people learn how to speak a new language and The Language School promises to do the same for you! The only way to learn how to speak a new language is to speak it, so The Language School limits class participation to 8 students. The following policies are to ensure your success, a great experience, and more importantly, that you learn how to speak a new language!



All book sales, registrations, and tuition payments are final, we do not offer refunds under any circumstance. 

We understand that unexpected life events come up from time to time, so if you can't continue your studies with us, we can keep a credit on file for when the time would be better, or apply your credit to another one of our study options.



The Language School hosts classes on a Free Web Conferencing Application called Zoom.  We typically record most of our classes to ensure that all of our teachers are performing well.  Another benefit to this is that we can share the recordings with our students so that they can continue to study and learn outside of class.  We may occassionaly use these recordings for marketing purposes, so if you feel strongly about this, please inform us so we can be respectful of your privacy.

In order to participate in our online classes via Zoom, you must have a strong internet connection and have a device that you can use to share a camera view of yourself and a microphone so you can speak while in class.

For best results, a computer with a large screen will help you get the most out of class. Many students participate with a tablet or smart phone, which works as well.

Students are expected to sign in to class on time. When you sign in to Zoom, please share your camera and unmute your microphone so we can see you and hear you.

In the event that you will not be on time, please advise your teacher in advance. 

If you come to class late, please enter the class quietly without disrupting the class. For students that are consistently late, The Language School reserves the right to suspend your participation from future classes.


If you need to miss a class please inform your teacher. Attending classes is your responsibility and you will not be credited for missing lessons. 

You can make up the lessons by studying on your own or you can schedule a private lesson at a 25% discount off of our normal prices. 

If we don’t see you for 2 consecutive lessons with no notice you will be removed from class in order to make room for other students.



The Language School accepts Credit Cards, Checks, and Money Orders. We do not accept cash payments.


Students have several options to pay – monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and 1 year plans. Your payments cover months starting on the 1st and ending on the last day of the month. In the event that you do not start a class with the first week of the month, your monthly tuition will be prorated.


Payments are due by the 21st of the last month you have paid for to continue studying for the following period. Failure to pay by the 21st may result in you losing your seat in the class or a tuition increase.


Your tuition covers not only your time in class but also the reservation of your seat for the full month, so only full month payments will be accepted.


You should receive a text message and an email message to notify you when your future payments are due, but you should also take note of what you have paid for to keep your records updated. Within the text/email messages, you should also receive a link to be able to make payments online. Please follow these instructions and make your payments online.


The Language School updates its teachers monthly with information about who needs to make a payment. Your teacher will also inform you when you need to make a payment. You should still use our online system to make payments. In the event of a payment made by Check or Money Order, please make this payment with the receptionist on duty.


If you are not planning on continuing to study at The Language School please inform your teacher as soon as possible so we can open up your seat and cancel your invoice.




Students may pay a $25 transfer fee and apply their current credit to private lessons or another group class if something comes up that prevents them from attending the currently scheduled class.




Monthly payments cover the month as it is, including holidays, school breaks, and weather. Longer term study plans have been heavily discounted to reflect this time off from class. Please see the following school closure dates for the full list of days off.



  • Wednesday, January 1 New Year’s Day
  • Monday, January 20 Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Monday, February 17 Washington’s Birthday
  • Monday, May 25 Memorial Day
  • Monday, June 29th - Sunday, July 4th - Summer Break/Independence Day
  • Friday, September 4th - Monday, September 7th Labor Day Weekend
  • Monday, October 12th Indigenous People's Day
  • Wednesday, November 11th Veterans Day
  • Monday, November 23rd - Sunday, November 29th Thanksgiving/Fall Break
  • Monday, December 21 - Thursday, December 31 Christmas Break 



We offer a strong discount of 25% towards private lessons if you are enrolled in a group class so you can afford to get the help that you need! We strongly suggest augmenting your studies with private lessons so you can learn customized vocabulary, get answers to your questions, or simply practice speaking more.




If you need to cancel a private lesson you must inform us with at least 24 hours of advanced notice, otherwise you will be charged for the full hour.


Regular Weather Policy


Because we host our classes online, classes should happen regardless of the weather so long as we don't lose power or internet. If we are doing classes in person, we will cancel classes if 6 inches of snow or more is predicted.

Acts of God


In the event of a natural disaster, classes may be cancelled indefinitely without holding The Language School or any of its officers liable. Your credit may be frozen, but not refunded.

This applies to blizzards, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, fires, and any other natural disaster that may occur. It also applies to things like epidemics or pandemics.




Learning a new language should be fun and easy, but it also takes a commitment to studying, practicing, and more importantly, time. You should also have realistic expectations. Students typically notice results in 6 month-increments, so plan on being here at least that long. Your teacher will assign homework as needed and give you study tips throughout your time here at The Language School to help you improve your conversational skills. Be prepared to study and do homework for at least 60 minutes between lessons.


Practice is key to acquiring fluency with your new language. We strongly encourage you to find a conversation partner that can help you practice. See the section below about our weekly Meetups that will help you practice.


50% of your success will be directly based on following The Language School’s program, but 50% depends on your study habits and practice outside of class.


If you come to class on time and consistently, follow your teacher’s advice, do your homework, and find a conversation partner with whom you can practice, you will learn how to speak your new language with fluency. You must also be patient, positive, and study with The Language School for at leas 6 months to notice results. If any of these areas are missing from your routine, we can’t guarantee your success.




If you are participating in The Language School’s Intensive program, you are eligible to come to any of the classes on our schedule, depending on your level and current class registration.


Regarding your level, you may attend classes that are within 1 level of your current capabilities. What this means is that Foundations students may attend Foundations and Beginner level classes, and Beginner level students may attend Foundations and Intermediate level classes, but should not attend Advanced level classes.


You must also enroll in each class individually with the receptionist to ensure that there is available space in the class. This will also ensure that you are attending the correct classes based on your level.


Intensive classes do not give you the right to attend any class as you please. The same attendance rules apply – you must attend the classes in which you enroll and come on time.




If you can’t attend one of the classes on our current schedule, we can open a new class for the day/time of your choosing. You would have to make a payment in full and wait at least 1 month to give us the opportunity to let other students know so they can enroll.


We need at least 3 students to give the class. In the event that you were the only student, you would have the option to convert your credit towards private lessons for only $30/hour or wait another month for more students.


If there are only 2 students, we can wait 1 month for more students or give the class, but 1 hour instead of 1.5 hours per lesson.



Refer someone and you will both get a 5% discount on the next class! There is no limit to this, so keep referring The Language School and you will get even more discounts!




We offer so much more than classes here. Students can attend weekly meetups to practice. English students and Spanish students both attend, so the idea is you can learn and practice the language that you are learning, while helping someone else learn your native language.


Please register with our Meetup group here:




If you have concerns about your classes at The Language School, please speak with the receptionist in order to resolve them. In the event that the problem is not resolved, you may schedule a time to speak with our Director.


Please be respectful of The Language School and class time and do not raise these concerns during a class or with other students.



The Language School reserves the right to expel any student at any point in time should they not adhere to these policies.

Mutual Agreement for Success 

The Language School (TLS) guarantees that you, the language student, will learn how to speak the language of your choice if you can agree to the following:

I promise to abide by TLS policies. I understand that learning a new language takes time and I am committed to doing my homework and following my teacher’s advice. I agree that I should come to class on time and attend all classes that I have paid for.

Furthermore, I will be positive and participate while I am in class. I will help my other students if I can and will have a sense of humor when needed. 

I believe that I can learn how to speak the language and I believe that TLS can help me accomplish this goal.

Core Values

  1. I can start speaking Spanish, and I believe that The Language School’s Let’s Start Talking program can get me there!
  2. Speaking Spanish is my top priority.  I will study Spanish as soon as I wake up and before I get my day started, and review it again before I go to bed.  
  3. I will introduce myself to someone in Spanish everytime I hear someone speaking it.
  4. Humility, curiosity, and patience are my defining personal characteristics.
  5. I have to have a good sense of humor and be willing to laugh at myself from time to time.
  6. No more excuses, make it happen!
  7. Embrace change, embrace being corrected.
  8. Don’t ask why - It’s Spanish is always the answer.
  9. Making mistakes because you’re trying should be celebrated, no apologies!
  10. Every day you wake up is a new day to try.

Student Enrollment Application