5 Easy Steps to Speak Spanish with Confidence


5 Easy Steps to Speak Spanish
with Confidence:

Become Conversational in 3 Months or Less

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Do You Want to Speak Spanish Fluently?

5 Easy Steps to Speak Spanish with Confidence: Become Conversational in 3 Months or Less

If you are like most students I’ve worked with, one of the following scenarios should sound familiar:


  • I took Spanish in high school, but it was a total joke

  • I signed up for Spanish in college, but it was way too confusing/overwhelming/complicated

  • I’ve been trying to learn with Duolingo, but something is missing


If any of these scenarios sound familiar to you….here is the deal – it’s not your fault, it’s the program’s fault.


It’s real simple; if you want to learn how to speak Spanish, you have to start speaking Spanish! 


Most programs in the United States are not teaching conversation.  There is a huge difference between learning Spanish and learning how to speak Spanish.


This book covers what is missing from typical Spanish programs, and will teach you exactly what you need to be doing in order to study and practice Spanish with conversation at the center of everything.


There were probably a few kids in your classes before that seemed to pick the language up naturally.  I can assure you that it wasn’t easy for them either, they just somehow knew what to do, which is all included in this book.


The tips in this book will not only help you focus on what really matters, but will also give you what you need to start speaking the language in 3 months or less.

Caveat:  You will have to do some work.  The steps are easy to follow, but you will only start speaking Spanish with confidence if you do the work that is laid out in these chapters.

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Here’s a Look at What You’ll Discover When You Get Your Digital Copy of 5 Easy Steps to Speak Spanish with Confidence…


  • How to get inspired and motivate yourself so that Spanish is your #1 priority

  • The real reasons why you want to learn how to speak Spanish

  • Activities to personalize your studies so that regardless of your program, you are learning what you want to learn

  • Why relevance is the most important word on your path to fluency

  • How to simplify your studies through vocabulary

  • Why grammar-based studies don’t work so well

  • The history of the Spanish language and how it has spread all over the world

  • How to find a real authentic conversational Spanish program

  • How and where to practice

  • The importance of a conversation partner 

  • The real-life story of the author, David “El Profe”, and how he created one of the first true conversational Spanish programs in the US

  • So much more!

Author’s Bio

David E Stevens III has been learning and teaching new languages since 2001.

Since then he has helped thousands of people learn how to speak languages, especially English and Spanish, and has done a lot of spectacular work in Colorado to bridge the gap between these two communities by breaking down the cultural and language barriers that exist.

As Director of The Language School, Denver’s top rated school to learn how to speak both Spanish and English, he has developed a fun, practical, and powerful way to learn how to speak a new language through his “Let’s Start Talking” approach to learning, which focuses first and foremost on conversation and getting people to talk.

His series of textbooks, including Let’s Start TalkingInglés Fácil Y Divertido, and English Easy and Fun are being used all across the country and have been well received by students and teachers alike!

David has a mission: he believes that learning Spanish shouldn’t be complicated, difficult, or stressful. He feels that learning a new language should be fun, easy, and entertaining! So he literally wrote the book on five easy steps to learn Spanish to help others who’ve tried—and failed to learn another language. However, with his method, success is attainable for anyone.

David lives in Denver, Colorado with his young son and their Maltipoo Carebear. When he’s not teaching or writing, he is being a fantastic father, dancing salsa, riding mountain bikes, practicing his green thumb, trying new recipes, and keeping fit.

With a goal of changing the way language is taught in the US by steering away from the traditional grammar-based approach to a conversational one instead, he’s dedicated to his cause. After all, communication is important, and speaking more languages ultimately means more effective communication.

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