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THE LANGUAGE SCHOOL is Denver’s top world languages school that focuses on conversational learning techniques that allow students to finally speak the language they need so they can improve themselves and succeed in life.

The students’ results in achieving fluency are based on a practical approach, small group classes, and a fun learning environment. By offering flexible class schedules and affordable monthly payments, our school ensures that everyone has the opportunity to understand and speak Spanish, English, Italian, or French.

We currently offer English (ESL), Spanish, French, and Italian at our convenient locations in Denver, Boulder, and Longmont.

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To help you get off the ground in terms of daily situations such as basic introductions, going to the grocery store, buying clothing, or eating at a restaurant.


To help you achieve fluency and interact in everyday situations, as well as culturally integrate and learn how to make new friends.


To ensure that you can successfully integrate into your new culture and country, as well as conduct job interviews and and participate in more formal situations.


To perfect your new language and give you the ability to confidently speak and carry on extended conversations in any scenario.

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